The following photographs, taken at the Launch Area at the Edgemont Base, appeared the August 11, 1955 issue of The County Leader (Deleware County, PA)
Last Minute Safety Check
   The Nike rests on its launching platform as the launching crew double checks all safety devices. Red tabs at specific spots on the Nike must all be removed before it is possible to launch the missile.
Ready - Aim - Fire!!!
   Nike is shown in the actual firing position of 90 degrees. The crew have burrowed themselves in a 30 foot deep shelter and only the push of a button is necessary to launch the missile on her way to destroy an enemy target.
Nike and Her Guardians
   Major Lewis E. Moncrief, Battalion Exectuive Officer; Captain Daniel P. Duffy, Battery Commander; Lt. Roy L. Bubb. (4th man unidentified)
Nike's Launching Crew
   Proud of their "baby" and confident of her ability, this launching crew stands ready to go into action on a moment's notice. Left to right: Sgt. Victor G. Janavage of philadelphia, Curry Jackson of North Carolina, Alton Chrisman of South Dakota, William Walteras of Mississippi, Robert Knapp of Nebraska and Sidney Klyn of Iowa.
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